It had been a while since we had been to Barleycorn Music Club. Barleycorn is a music appreciation club based at Villagers Rugby Club in Claremont, Cape Town where music lovers gather to listen to all genres of music, young and old. Tonight one of my favourites was performing – Kathryn Swain.

Kathryn Swain is a young talented singer song writer who has already released her first album called “Little Box of Memories”. She recently took a two month break, exhausted from all her live performances over the festive season. Now she is back but this time with a bass guitarist, Duncan Griffiths. Her music is pop/folk – Kathryn writes all her own music and has a beautiful voice. I must say that the addition of a bass guitarist certainly added some depth to her music but each time I see Kathryn perform she gets better and more professional.

20160530_200120 20160530_201040

She is currently in studio recording two new songs specifically for radio play and will be performing at this weekend’s Wacky Wine Weekend in Robertson along with her new bassist. Revellers are in for a treat. She started the set off with a crowd favourite, “Valerie” an Amy Winehouse cover and sang several songs off her debut album including “Beautiful Memory” a song about her younger sister Emma. My personal favourite song is “Free Falling” and she also sang her brand new song called “Book”. Kathryn had the crowd singing along to her closing cover of Bob Marley’s “Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright”.

Next up were Brothers Streep who have been performing for over ten years and are one of South Africa’s favourite comedy bands. This would be their last performance before heading off to the¬†Grahamstown Festival. Their claim to fame is that they appeared on Idols and the Graham Norton Show albeit via Skype but more about that later.

There are five members in the band and they explained to Maryann, the MC for the evening, that the reason they wear suits is to take attention off their lack of musical skills! Some of the silly songs they sang were one about Telkom and Holding On, another about Drinking Tea and one about Barry Ronge – haven’t heard of him for ages.

One particular song they did got them on to the Graham Norton Show a few years back. It is called A.P.S or Anna Paquin Syndrome – a skit on the actress’s scrunched up face. Anna was in studio with Graham Norton and Graham Skyped the band who sang to Anna – really funny – you can watch it on YouTube.

20160530_215724 20160530_210546

Finally we had Stone Jets perform for us. This is a relatively new three piece band having been together for just three years. They had preformed at Bootleggers the night before, and Taryn had been to the show and enjoyed it so much that she bought their EP. The lead singer, Given, is a real character with a great singing voice as well as playing the bass guitar. Manfred on lead guitar and Ed on drums, their music can be described as contemporary pop with definite African rhythms. I enjoyed their music and in particular “Wise Words” all about children.

Another great evening at the Barleycorn Music Club.



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